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The defeatists don't believe in god. We believe in Tiffany. A pregnant Britney Spears is the best visual representation of this singularity. K-Fed could pass as her twin Biff.

from Crusader Axe:

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl named Tiffany. Tiffany was ignorant, ugly, fat and driven by weird hormonal rages, although she just thought she was special, and that her Mom kept buying her clothes that made her ass look fat. If her Mom would get her some cool hip huggers and short sweaters, she’d be hot. Not warm hot but HOT! Anyway, one day, out of spite at her girlfriend Eve, who got all the boys because she got to wear fig leaves, she blew up everything, starting the universe. Cool, she thought. And, every now and then, for no good reason except that she’s bored, and her vibrator is out of batteries, she gets involved in our world. We are better off when she leaves us alone, but that isn’t about to happen with any consistency. Thus, in so far as there is a god, it’s a vicious teenage girl with a crush on Justin Timberlake.