18 July 2006

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue


Israel continues to bomb Lebanese civilians in an attempt to destroy Hezbollah--the group Israel inadvertently helped create thanks to their 1982 invasion of Lebanon. But who cares about the historical formation of insurgent groups...the War on Terror is about fighting terrorists now, not critically examining the past and determining how to prevent these situations from arising in the future. One interesting side note: did you know that Hezbollah means "party of god"? This whole time I thought the GOP were the party of god...

I found the picture above from this story. Ronald Dumsfeld met with China's most senior military officer General Guo Boxiong in Washington today. I started to wonder, what could they be doing? Is Heavy D going to sell the General some NutraSweet or a light nuclear reactor, or just trade psyops methods and torture tactics? Then it hit me. I've seen this picture before

I guess we will be bombing China twenty years from now...

13 July 2006

The Guns of August


Chickenhawk Ehud Olmert is determined to start World War III. And as you guessed, you-know-who is proud:

"Israel has a right to defend herself," Bush said at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "Every nation must defend herself against terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent life."

Clearly, the best way to respond to the killing of innocent life is to kill some more innocent life:

Israel is continuing to subject Lebanon to strikes by land, sea and air, following the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah militants. More than 50 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in the attacks. Israeli forces fired at Beirut's airport setting fuel tanks on fire, and struck the main Beirut-Damascus road.

The way I see it, if they keep this up all summer, the entire population of the Middle East will be reduced to pre-Christ levels.  IraqIranLebaSyriastan can then be used as a nuclear test site by the US Department of Energy while the tubes of the internet gain some much needed space.

06 July 2006

Despotic Tendencies

"People came up and I began talking to them, among them this little boy. He seemed to me very independent, sure of himself and at the same time defenseless so to speak, an innocent boy and a very nice little boy," ... "I tell you honestly, I just wanted to touch him like a kitten and that desire of mine ended in that act."

Those are the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, describing his motivation to kiss the stomach of a young boy (view the harmless video clip here). Is that what President Bush saw when he looked into Vlad's soul?

Between Vlad's judo chops and President Bush's bald head fetish, this is what I imagine to occur during the next encounter between the two despots...

Sometimes people display affection in unconventional ways.

17 June 2006

The triumph of the lack of soul

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes loves the Army -- soldiers, cops, firefighters, paramedics, sailors. At their best, they are incredible examples of the how great human beings and Americans can be. At their worst, they are slimey insults to their brothers and sisters. By the way, I love all soldiers...if you are willing to put your life and your family and your future on the line for things far beyond wealth, fame or comfort, you deserve more than you'll ever get.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So who cares? Well, one would hope the "Support our troops!" group would be interested. Of course, most of them have no connection to the troops. One Marine Corps Corporal recently blogged -- and if I could find it, I'd link it -- "that if Bush really supports the troops, he'll send Genna and Barbara over here. They can bunk with me. That would be something useful." Well maybe...

However, the Wall Street Journal has a story about soldiers -- US and Iraqi -- that will break your heart and make you wonder who the fuck is running things and what they are trying to do? Piss off the nascent Iraqi Army before they stand up? (Another thing I don't get -- standing up is a great way to get shot. In combat, one crouches, crawls, sprawls and runs, throws oneself flat and generally tries to get a decent shot at the other motherfucker before they shoot you. Of course, since the only one of the Leadership of our Great Nation who served was Rumsfeld who was a Navy Aviator which attests to his personal courage if not sense, the nuances of combat are probably not clear to these dickheads. Err, patriots. Or, Verticals!) A retired Army Lieutenant Colonel contacts the Pentagon after 9/11 and offers to return to active duty. Showing how well these guys deal with reality, he was politely told to go away. A couple of years later, he gets told to be at Fort Carson in 3 weeks to join his unit and go to Iraq. A professor now at Virginia Polytech, he takes off, with his wife somewhat unhappy about the whole thing.

He gets there, and is assigned as Chief adviser to the Iraqi Army at Camp Tajiz which is schizophernic geographically, logistically and philosophically.  " This sprawling military base is divided down the middle by massive concrete barriers, a snaking fence and rifle-toting guards. On one side, about 10,000 U.S. Army soldiers live in air-conditioned trailers. There's a movie theater, a swimming pool, a Taco Bell, and a post exchange the size of a Wal-Mart, stocked with everything from deodorant to DVD players. On the other side are a similar number of Iraqi soldiers whose success will determine when U.S. troops can go home. The Iraqi troops live in fetid barracks built by the British in the 1920s, ration the fuel they use to run their lights and sometimes eat spoiled food that makes them sick. The only soldiers who pass regularly between the two worlds are about 130 U.S. Army advisers, who live, train and work with the Iraqis. For many of these advisers, the past six months have been a disorienting experience, putting them at odds with their fellow U.S. soldiers and eroding their confidence in the U.S. government's ability to build an Iraqi force that can stabilize this increasingly violent country."

There's a parade of horrors -- spoiled food, lack of supplies, lack of logistical support, lack of coordination and a litany of abuse and stupidity from the bureaucratic grocery clerks in charge of running the damn place.


You have to wonder who missed the allusion. The Apocolypse Now aspect of this is pretty straight. The Advisors are successful in their mission, the unit they put together and help build is effective, but because they are effective, the boss gets fired. It seems that the Army doesn't want the Iraqis to be successful too soon...what the fuck is that about? Didn't the asshole in charge get the Stand Up, Draw Down memo?


Col. James Pasquarette, who commands most of the soldiers on the U.S. side of Camp Taji, calls those claims "totally ridiculous." He says he's proud of what the Iraqi units have achieved in the region and has made supporting them his top priority, after ensuring his own troops have the protection they need. But he worries that if the Iraqis are given too much latitude to execute challenging missions too quickly, they will alienate Iraqi civilians with heavy-handed tactics. He says Col. Payne and his fellow advisers have "gone native." Though the divide here at Camp Taji is extreme, it reflects a growing friction throughout this war-torn country. No one on either side of the divide expects the Iraqi troops to be trained, equipped or housed to U.S. standards. But if U.S. troops are going to go home, U.S. commanders must allow Iraqis to take a far greater role in planning operations and taking the fight to the enemy, senior military officers say." 

I'm starting to get queasy here. The story mentions the effort to bring the Iraqi Colonel who is afraid to have his name printed and whose brother has been assassinated over to the "big house" for dinner at the mess hall; this guy Pasquarette or one of his minions says no way, Haji. The American soldiers need to get away from the war and relax and the presence of an Iraqi officer as a guest might "upset them."  They also are concerned because of the incident in Mosul where the suicide bomber got into the mess hall. Suicide bomber on one hand -- Iraqi Colonel with US officer escort on the other. Their guy and our guys -- what am  I missing?

So, LTC Payne, who was actually doing something and had won the hearts and minds of at least some Iraqis as well as his men, got fired. Getting fired in the Army involves a lot of disgrace. At least, they let him say goodby to his soldiers. Pasquarette probably gets promoted. The Iraqi colonel gets himself remove from troop leading...and, we lose. I hate grocery clerks and nerds who think they're cowboys and wear soldier suits... Who dine on white linen and sleep in comfort; the more we withdraw our soldiers and try to have the Iraqi Army do it with baby steps, the more medals for the weasels, the more body bags for my brothers and sisters, and the less likely success.

Oh, yeah, the journal in question is the Wall Street Journal, not the Left-Wing Wimp Sympathizer Journal. Just thought I'd point that one out...

29 May 2006

From the mouths of...the Editorial Board of the Orange County Register

Tomorrow the AXE begins his emmigration to the land of milk and honey, the center of the self-obsessed universe, California. Now, I am going to Barstow, granted -- which is not so California as some might think. Still, I have had to resist the urge for camouflage; no gold chains, no sunglasses to wear on the back of my head. Perhaps I'll go the other way -- the techie-nerd route. In Barstow, biker and cowboy might work. Get along little Harleys...we'll see.

Commandante and Serrach are already denizens of the place. They are residents of the OC, and have issues with the place. On my one visit to the place, I tended to agree although that was a fly-in, drive-by. Still, they find the local zeitgeist to be one of, well, self-absorbed capitalistic intentional ignorance. Like a festering sore, they have to pick at it. I understand fully. So do all people who write blogs -- we haAd_3 ve lots of festering sores to pick at.

For no really good reason, I took a look at the Barstow newspaper this morning, and read this. I think maybe I need to reconsider a bit. On a weekend when many papers refused to run Stephen "Pearls Before Swine" Pastis because of a powerful and understated Pearls Before Swine tribute to those serving and suffering in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Orange County Register ran this on the editorial page, reprinted in the Desert Dispatch --

"As we honor those who gave "the last full measure of devotion" this Memorial Day, let us also resolve to uphold the best in the American tradition of liberty. This might mean maintaining a certain skepticism of those in power, an honorable, patriotic and essential attribute of any country that desires to maintain its freedom in a difficult world.

It can be difficult to maintain the proper balance between honoring those who answer the call to serve their country and sometimes questioning the people in power who might be tempted to take this country into unwise conflicts. But striving for that balance is the best way to honor those who have given their lives in the honest belief that by so doing they were advancing the causes of liberty and justice of which this country is still - mistakes, warts and all - the most consistent exemplar in modern history."

From the people who sent Buster to "Army" to make the family more likeable. Or, is it that the policies are so bad that even they are encouraging dissent? In a restrained, Republican sort of way?

28 May 2006

Everything Old Is New Again

The War on Terror TM is the Cold War and George W. Bush is Harry Truman:

"This is only the beginning," Bush said. "The message has spread from Damascus to Tehran that the future belongs to freedom -- and we will not rest until the promise of liberty reaches every people in every nation."...

"The war began on my watch, but it's going to end on your watch," Bush told the cadets. "By standing with democratic reforms across a troubled region, we will extend freedom to millions who have not known it and lay the foundation for peace for generations to come."

Translation: While you're fighting and dying in the Middle Eastern desert in President Jenna's war against freedom-haters, I'll be sipping mint juleps at Trent Lott's new plantation while Dick Cheney rakes in more profits. God bless America.   

Bush is the anti-Truman, because the buck never stops at his desk. He's already refrerred to the war against terror (twat) as World War III. I'm surprised he didn't channel Karen Carpenter at Westpoint and belt out a version of "We've Only Just Begun"...

The New Cold War, good times will be had by all.

15 May 2006

And the voice of reason is...

What opinion columnist gets his lastest column published on both the left-libertarian online rag antiwar.com and the seething Christian nationalist organ worldnetdaily.com?   

Before you go clicking links, read these excerpts and see if you can guess who...

Yet, in this same quarter century when the U.S. military has been so busy it is said to be overstretched and exhausted, Iran has invaded not one neighbor and fought but one war: an eight-year war with Iraq where she was the victim of aggression. And in that war of aggression against Iran, we supported the aggressor.

Hence, when Iran says that even as we have grievances against her, she has grievances against us, does Iran not have at least a small point? And when Russian President Putin calls Bush's America "Comrade Wolf," does he not have at least a small patch of ground on which to stand? ...

So we obviosly know he hates America since he comes to the defense of Iran. Keep reading...

But this would be a disaster for the United States as well. For an attack on Iran would unify Persians in hatred of America, the way Pearl Harbor unified Americans. And a breakup of Iran could create a new archipelago of terrorist training camps across the Middle East.

What we are getting at is that there is common ground between the United States and Iran. Neither of us would benefit from a major war. Both of us benefit if there is a reliable flow of oil and gas out of the Gulf and Central Asia. Neither of us wants to see the return of the Taliban or rise of al-Qaeda, which is anti-Shi'ite. In his 18-page letter, Ahmadinejad powerfully condemned the massacre of 9/11.

And he prefers diplomacy over war--can't be a Republican, or a theocrat, or a neoconservative. Well, that voice of reason you just witnessed is none other than the guy Palm Beach County elderly folks voted for by accident instead of Al Gore. Or maybe you'd know him as a frequent guest on the McLaughlin Group (isn't John McLaughlin like 90 years old now?)

10 May 2006

Impotence in the face of reality

I guess this is more of that dreadful economics stuff. But, the Journal quotes our only Secretary of the Treasury in an oddly setup demand/appeal/plea to China. "The Bush administration turned aside demands from Congress and industry that it formally accuse Beijing of "manipulating" its currency in order to give Chinese companies an unfair edge over American competitors. Treasury Secretary John Snow chose the gentler tactic of announcing yesterday that it is "a matter of extreme urgency" that Beijing allow the yuan to rise faster and further against the dollar. " Well, it's not urgent to China; we have an incredibly weak dollar (10 year low against Canada, for the love of God. Canada!) and China is able to make it weaker by keeping their currency weak against it. They did re-value it upwards by 2.1%. Yawn -- there are 8 yuan to the dollar. There were 8 yuan to the dollar before. One Yuan is worth a roaring 12.5 cents...thus, math fans, an increase of 2.1% is damn all -- probably should be a lot higher -- maybe 5:1. However, we let our currency float to make our products cheaper than when we had it pegged to some rate; guess what? Why would they want to do anything different?

26 April 2006

Marvelous example of why we don't need to worry that much about China

Birdflu Ok, the AXE is trying to blog wirelessly at Las Vegas world's least likely to be on time airport while waiting to depart for the Shire of Ectopia. Glancing at the journal, I saw this bit.  There seems to be some confusion about whether or not to report the incidence of bird flu in rural China. Seems they don't have the memo..."The central government was quite upset from receiving information late from local officials," said the person, who has spoken with officials at the ministry. "They weren't happy."Mao Qunan, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said there is no sign that provincial authorities are actively suppressing information about confirmed human cases of bird flu. Instead, he said the problem has been that some hospitals haven't been reporting cases of severe pneumonia in which the cause isn't known and could be the deadly strain of avian influenza known as H5N1."The hospitals in the rural areas are not timely," he said, "because they don't realize the cases are very important and need to be reported to the ministry."

Got it. The most paranoid bureaucracy in the world driven by compulsive control freaks and the hospitals in rural China aren't reporting. Now, health care in China is a debacle; still, one does wonder. Especially since they started clinical trials on the vaccine four or so months ago there...

Top down driven, dispute-adverse, risk-avoiding Hobbitacracies -- like China, Dod, DHS, and Republican party do not do well in this world. China is right at the top of the list for good reason.
Although Cheney's office is not far behind...and Cheney in a Mao Jacket is a neat image...

"Iran is not Iraq", and other astute observations from Condi

Condoleezza  Anger is her energy?

I bring you a compare and contrast exercise.

August 2002:

Dr Rice rejected criticism that any action against Iraq would worsen the situation both within the country and the Middle East region. She said it was "rather hard to imagine a more miserable life for the Iraqi people than they currently have", but also stated that any action would be accompanied by an obligation to improve life for ordinary Iraqis.

She said: "I would think that at the end of any action that we might take toward regime change, it would be an obligation for all of us to make certain that things are better for the people of the country and the people of the region."

April 2006:

"We have no argument with the Iranian people," Rice said. "They deserve better than they are currently seeing from their government because the actions of their government are isolating Iran further and further."...

"The United States of America understands and believes that Iran is not Iraq ...," Rice said. "We are on a diplomatic course."

Continue reading ""Iran is not Iraq", and other astute observations from Condi" »

09 April 2006

100% Certifiably Insane

Determined to jump-start the Rapture, President Bush wants to attack Iran with tactical nuclear weapons, according to Seymour Hersh. Maha has summarized the madness with the top ten reasons why Sy Hersh’s new article should scare the stuffing out of you...

24 March 2006

Well, we knew that these bastards couldn't count, so why should they read

Scottmcclellan Scott McClellan, undoubtedly a relation of the poorest example of a General in Lincoln's Army, babbled something yesterday about the Afghani constitution, to the effect that it guarantees freedom of religion.  To wit, McCLELLAN: Well, I think you should look at the Afghan constitution. It was a constitution that was widely praised for how forward-looking it was and the values that are enshrined in that constitution. And it’s important for the government of Afghanistan to reaffirm the bedrock principles in that constitution, one of which is freedom of religion."Well, Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes has adopted a semi-Ronald Reaganesque approach to these weasels -- I don't trust them and if I'm interested I fact check to prove their weaseltude. Bingo...
The Afghan constitution does in fact kinda sort guarantee freedom of religion  in much the same way, however, that the Saudi constitution if it exists guarantees it. If you're a Muslim, you have freedom of religion...

The Preamble begins: "We the people of Afghanistan:

  1. With firm faith in God Almighty and relying on His lawful mercy, and Believing in the Sacred religion of Islam
  2. Realizing the injustice and shortcoming of the past, and the numerous troubles imposed on our country..."

Kinda sets the stage for what comes next, which is of course the role of a preamble. However, the identification in the first line of Islam and the nation's belief in it is certainly worth noting.  I also like the "numerous troubles imposed on our country..." bit. Life has been someone else's fault. In their case, largely true, although they certainly helped fuck the place up.

However, Chapter 1 The State is very straight and to the point.

Chapter I  The State

Article 1  [Islamic Republic]
Afghanistan is an Islamic Republic, independent, unitary and indivisible state.

Article 2  [Religions]
(1) The religion of the state of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the sacred
religion of Islam.
(2) Followers of other religions are free to exercise their faith and perform their religious rites within the limits of the provisions of law.

Article 3  [Law and Religion]
In Afghanistan, no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam."

And then the killer:
Article 131  [Shia Law for Shia Followers]
(1) Courts shall apply Shia school of law in cases dealing with personal matters involving the followers of Shia Sect in accordance with the provisions of law.
(2) In other cases if no clarification by this constitution and other laws exist and both sides of the case are followers of the Shia Sect, courts will resolve the matter according to laws of this Sect.

Now, the AXE seems to recall some concerns about this expressed in the Media about the time the Af
Stoningtodeathghans ratified the thing. From an Islamic point of view, not unlike the Mafia, the Catholic Church, the IRA and the Jets ("When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette to your last dying day!" -- showing that straight guys can know show tunes too!) once in, never out. From their point of view, he's a Muslim, he's under Shia and where did we put the rocks?

I'd say Scottie needs to read the fine print, but the fucking preamble? Chapter 1?

Just because they keep saying stupid shit doesn't make it true. What school did Scottie's fact checker drop out of?  Southern Florida School of Mortuary Science and Mining Technology?

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19 February 2006

Let's Clear Up That Whole Torture Thing...

You can't blame Ronald Dumsfeld for the explosion of torture in Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and various other prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe. See, these tactics go back to the CIA's Torture Bible created in 1963, which contains the following concise conclusions on "coercive counterintelligence":

1. The principal coercive techniques are arrest, detention, the deprivation of sensory stimuli, threats and fear, debility, pain, heightened suggestibility and hypnosis, and drugs.

2. If a coercive technique is to be used, or if two or more are to be employed jointly, they should be chosen for their effect upon the individual and carefully selected to match his personality.

3. The usual effect of coercion is regression. The interrogatee's mature defenses crumbles as he becomes more childlike. During the process of regression the subject may experience feelings of guilt, and it is usually useful to intensify these.

4. When regression has proceeded far enough so that the subject's desire to yield begins to overbalance his resistance, the interrogator should supply a face-saving rationalization. Like the coercive technique, the rationalization must be carefully chosen to fit the subject's personality.

5. The pressures of duress should be slackened or lifted after compliance has been obtained, so that the interrogatee's voluntary cooperation will not be impeded.

Here's the real copy in case you're wondering about the document's authenticity.

These mofos understand the value of regression and rationalization.

18 February 2006

U.S. Foreign Policy: Making The Enemies of Tomorrow!

It's almost as if the Bush administration planned it this way [LA Times]:

BAGHDAD — The Islamic government in neighboring Iran watched with trepidation in March 2003 when U.S.-led troops stormed Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein's regime and start remaking the political map of the Mideast.

In retrospect, the Islamic Republic could have celebrated: The war has left America's longtime nemesis with profound influence in the new Iraq and pushed it to the apex of power in the region.

Iran is now the most quantifiable evil member of the Axis of Evil™. Now we have someone else to invade...

Iran is also showing a more overt interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, nurturing its long-standing ties to the Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas militant groups. President Ahmadinejad, like those groups, has called for the destruction of the Jewish state.

The upset victory of Hamas in recent Palestinian elections also promises to boost Tehran's regional role. If the United States and the European Union back away diplomatically and withdraw funding from the Palestinians, some analysts think Iran will have an opportunity to fill in the void as a longtime supporter of Hamas, gaining an unprecedented foothold in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

And life goes on in it's own absurd way...

13 February 2006


axis of evil weather

12 January 2006

Flabbergasted By Brilliance

Let's help this South Asian country develop "civilian nuclear technology". It doesn't matter if they almost nuked their archrival a few years ago. The more nukes the better!

Meanwhile, let's stop this nation which seeks to "develop a civilian nuclear power program in accordance with international lawdeveloping nuclear technology." We can't trust them.

United States Nuclear Policy: Making consistency irrelevant in the 21st century!

18 December 2005

President Bush Acknowledges The Defeatists!


President Bush spoke on the topic of defeatism and Iraq during his Oval Office speech this evening:

Yet there is a difference between honest critics who recognize what is wrong, and defeatists who refuse to see that anything is right. Defeatism may have its partisan uses, but it is not justified by the facts. For every scene of destruction in Iraq, there are more scenes of rebuilding and hope. For every life lost, there are countless more lives reclaimed. And for every terrorist working to stop freedom in Iraq, there are many more Iraqis and Americans working to defeat them. My fellow citizens: not only can we win the war in Iraq -- we are winning the war in Iraq.

Our apoplectic tactics have clearly gotten under his skin.

12 December 2005

Pax Americana

Shorter Niall Ferguson: The end always justifies the means.


Hey, at least we weren't as bad as Stalin or Mao...

06 December 2005

Alas, Only Torture Will Set You Free

TortureRenditions? Torture? Spreading freedom? Call me confused but lately there's been too much rhetoric about torture. Publicly the Bush administration denies that the U.S. government uses torture during its interrogations and in its military prisons. Last month the president emphatically stated, "We do not torture". This week Condoleezza Rice stated that the US "does not condone torture".

Meanwhile, Dick "Voldemort" Cheney campaigns to oppose John McCain's anti-torture amendment by stating that the CIA has a legal right to torture anyone it suspects to be a terrorist.  In 2002, Gonzo and the Justice Department paved the way for legalized torture stating that torture was kosher as long as it didn't cause "organ failure, impairment of bodily function, or even death". I personally went out and bought a waterboard along with several rolls of duct tape and plastic sheeting that year. Now it's up in the rafters of my garage because I have no room in the house. Plus, I don't want the water to ruin the carpet. Last thing I need is a mold problem.

Anyways, I don't understand why Bush & Co. can't just come out and say "Yeah, we torture, so what? If you don't like it then you can shut the fuck up!" I mean, why all these games and doublespeak about national security and all this freedom bullshit. If the Bushies publicly proclaimed their love for torturing Muslims, I think his approval ratings would soar with the Christian Right. After all, it's payback for what the Jews did to Jesus.

25 November 2005

High Fidel-ity

One place I'd like to visit is Cuba. Mrs. Prop says we should travel there before Fidel Castro croaks so that we can see it "preserved" in its current state. I personally am intrigued by the island's beauty and history. But what happens when Castro dies? It appears that the U.S. government's plans for post-Castro Cuba range from direct military intervention by removing the old remnants of the Castro regime to a more moderate stance of liberalizing relations with the island nation.

The plan amounts to a statement of goals rather than a blueprint for US action, many analysts say. "The proposed elements do not add up to 'hastening transition in Cuba,' " says Daniel Erikson, a Cuba expert at Inter-American Dialogue in Washington. "The reality is the United States does not know that much about how to build democracy in the developing world," he says.

I would hope the State Department has learned something about "building democracy" considering how catastrophically unsuccessful Bush's Iraqi adventure has proceeded. Invading Cuba after the fall of Castro to erect a giant Club Med in Havana and to spread chains of KFC and Starbucks throughout the island would not go over so well. Cubans, like members of any sovereign nation, would challenge their foreign "liberators" with some feisty nationalism.

I think Castro has at least three lives left in him. He's survived exploding cigars, poisoned wet suits, and other bizarre CIA assassination attempts. In the end, he might turn out to be his own worst enemy. Self-decapitation perhaps? Well, he's injured himself before...