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11 January 2012


garage equipment

Mr Romney has something that the president and his Republican rivals sorely lack: business experience. For 25 years he made himself and the management consultancies BCG and Bain a lot of money by making companies more efficient which, yes, sometimes means firing people, but also drives economic growth. … [C]reative destruction … is the essence of capitalism itself.

Crusader AXE

Yeah, it worked so well and made Austria such a powerhouse. Fuck off and die, Paultard.

We are not a semi-feudal country like the Osterreich of Von Mieses and Schumpeter. Creative destruction is largely about changes in technology and the use of monetary policy to maintain progress. While not socialist, Schumpeter was conscious that if disparity got too great, the capitalist system was in trouble. And, of course, I find it amusing that Von Mieses and Schumpeter ended up relying on handouts from the American uberrich. I respect their thought, but in the same way that I respect Aquinas. Not quite complete...

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