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15 December 2011


1911 compensator

You guys should try it again. Spread this information to many.


Eventually Romney will emerge from the GOP clown car, as he always destined. Between Hope'n'Change and Romney there isn't a rat's ass of different. In fact, in some ways I can almost imagine Romney being slightly better. So it really doesn't matter all that much -- we're fucked either way. Sorry, but in the next circus NOT pulling the lever for either of these sorry fucks is the better vote.


Normally I proofread before hitting 'Post'....

Crusader AXE

While I disagree, I think the best answer is probably a DEM House, a DEM Senate and Romney as president. Divided government seems to work so long as the president doesn't have the Congress by the balls and has some interest in actually accomplishing things while in office. I think Obama wasted a lot of time trying to triangulate and be bi-partisan when there was no reason to do so. There should have been a lot more action a lot earlier. Health Care should be single payer; could have done it, chose to meet the R's half way. Stimulus should have been no tax cuts, all job creation in infrastructure. Iraq should have ended sooner; Afghanistan should be over. Gitmo closed; the bankers and the insurance executives and the hedge fund managers should be in jail. Scalia and Thomas should be under grand jury investigation for conspiracy on health care, oil, etc.

Not that Romney would do any of these things. But, he's be more cooperative with the leftist bomb throwers than Obama has been. Our great change maven was slightly to the left, philosophically, of Nixon.

Brian M

I was going to comment negatively, but your response to sglover gave me pause.


I honestly wonder, if on the fundamental issues of war and peace and the establishment of a police state...Barrack Obama is arguably WORSE than W? W ramped it up, but Obama has consolidated things in frightening ways. More drones, DADA, big bailouts with zero prosecutions. But...being Obama it seems like opposition has been largely muted (pre-Occupy in particular).

The problem is the Republicans running are arguably clowns. So what is worse, a monster/servant of Wall Street or clowns who are equally servile? Especially as the clowns will be more effective at getting things done (as what they

Crusader AXE

Yeah, I think that many of us are disappointed with Obama, but...and, as I've said before, another way to say "lesser of two evils" is "the better choice." Frankly, until God reapportions the Supreme Court, barring Democratic Majorities in the House and Senate big enough to impeach Thomas and possibly Scalia, I have damn little hope for our political system not ending up as the struggle between monied plutocrats. Public financing of campaigns is a boring issue, but looking at the PAC money in this thing and the bullshit about The PRESIDENT WILL HAVE A BILLION DOLLARS, RUN AWAY, nonsense, we'll be limited in our choices for a while. Thing is, imagine what McCain-Palin would have wrought the last few years...since McCain has obviously lost it with his plan to endorse Romney, well, the pressures of the Presidency and all the math would have killed him. We'd probably be looking at twenty-twenty-five per cent unemployment, housing still utterly tanked, and a Marine expeditionary force hanging out just off the coast of Iraq...with Palin or Meageen doing the Mrs. Wilson thing only because Cindy would have a migraine...

Brian M

Not sure I agree. I think the fundamental actions w/r/t foreign policy and the economy would have still been the same...I am not a conpsiracy monger who thinks there is a permanent govenrment, but I do believe there is a consensus and much of our elite would have reigned in any serious crazyness. Too much money to be made to let a Pallin ruin everything. Unless our elite are so cycnical (or realistic) that they beleive the system cannot be fixed so it is bascially an open season of looting-grabbiing what they can get and parking it offshore. Which is what I fear.

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