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22 July 2011



"I think that the most important legislative goal of any citizen is to do what's best for the nation. The best that this President can do is start freezing these idiots out."

Right you are. The only problem is, that strategy should have been launched twenty seconds after he finished his inauguration oath. It's way too late now, because Republicans -- hell, the entire **world** -- knows Hope'n'Change for exactly what he is: An opportunistic coward. This completely manufactured "crisis" is AT LEAST as much a product of Obama's cowardice as it is Republican intransigence. When he and the Dems capitulated at the end of the year over the Bush tax cuts, they made this farce inevitable -- and people said so at the time. Me, for instance.

Look, I just can't blame a rabid dog for snapping at people -- it's what they do. The guy I'm going to blame is the fuckwit who decides to take him for a stroll through town without a leash.

I'm not going to bother to vote in national elections any more, but there is one ballot I'm going to cast. I'm going to register as a Republican and put down a marker for Romney in the primary. It's damage control, to keep Bachman harmless. Romney's a completely boring, plastic, corporatist status quo kind of guy, i.e., absolutely indistinguishable from Hope'n'Change. In fact I'm suspect he'd be **less** of a worthless shitbag than Hope'n'Change -- for instance, I'll bet he wouldn't have stumbled into the Libya idiocy.

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