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24 June 2011


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Christianity is an eschatological religion; the original Christians and the wave of converts through the next centuries all assumed that one of these days, Jesus was going to show up and man, these Pharasees, Saduchees, Romans, Greeks, Eygptians and so on were going to get really fucked over. Read the Book of Revelation -- it's kind of like some bad Science Fiction on peyote. When Jesus didn't come back, the religion began to do work arounds. It's continued to do so...I really don't think a lot of mainstream Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran or Orthodox thinkers and theologians spend a lot of time worrying about the last Judgement. But, I'm sure that in the hinterlands of grass roots, snake handling, tongure talking, born again, dancing and singing Christianity, they are just dancing around the Oral Roberts Prayer tower, waiting for the word.

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Worst of all, do not push the bag around with your head; that’s just a great way to leave yourself open for uppercuts.

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