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05 May 2011


Ed February

Yes. I'm surprised that I agree with you. I'm as vengeful and primitive as they come. But old Osama wrapped in a blanket watching his best-of-me compilation on an ancient television in a room reminiscent of my more sqaulorous bachelor pads ... took the wind out of my sails. Not that I pity him. Just that the idea, already suspect, of his ever posing a threat even to one SEAL much less twenty--twenty strapping lads with night vision and M4 carbines--jumped out the window. Like following an elegant, muscular 100 yard kickoff return with a really egregious celebration. Your more thoughtful fan cringes but can't help, doesn't want to help, singing out with everyone else. & feels a foreboding, there's always a penalty for that sort of act.

Sports analogies are awesome!!


Of course he could pose a threat to a Seal. They didn't know that the building wasn't rigged. All he had to do was make a move for something and that would've been enough reason to shoot. No reason to take chances when you're weighing your life, and the lives of your teammates, against that piece of shit's miserable existence.

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Some words, too, some say, too hard to do.

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