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01 May 2011



Piling on....

Thanks to luck and, most of all, George "Idiot Prince" Bush, ObL managed to pull off the most cost-effective military operation in history. I mean, if you can think of a bigger success I'd like to hear it, but in my ledger, for an investment of about half a million dollars (at the very, very, very most), ObL inflicted on his foe about 100 billion in direct costs, and a further TRILLION or two more pissed away in Iraq. That's a 'return' of way better than a million to one. And of course, that's just the bookkeeping tally.

Hard to see what difference this makes in the larger scheme, though. I never got the sense that bin Laden was much of a real partisan leader, like, say, Abdullah Öcalan or Robert Mugabe or Mao Tse Tung. Was ObL even running anything outside of his nine year caravan? Obama's popularity numbers will spike, but that's completely ephemeral, especially when one in five Americans are either jobless or 'living' by juggling 2-3 shit part-time jobs.

You know what would be simply awesome? If Obama took this as an opportunity for something truly ballsy, like declaring, 'Hey, our job in Afghanistan is done, I'm calling the troops back home'.


Hey Glover

You gonna write anywhere about Istanbul?


Blew that-- meant to imply that since you write classy-like, Axe might offer public space for it.

Crusader AXE

We're always looking for a few good classy-like writers for the Defeatists. Frankly, since my brothers are largely off playing in mud puddles like Facebook and Twitter, I get lonely.


Hmmmm.... But you'd have to drop the "Defeatist" theme and sign on for the winning team -- the New Ottoman Hegemony. And you'd need to leave the cult of Tiffany and let the stern yet benevolent vision of Father Ataturk be your guide.

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