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16 April 2011



Greetings from Athens! You know I'm nodding along with everything you say*, but I just can't give the Donk another vote. Sure, they're not sadistic and batshit crazy, but they are every bit as bought as their supposed opposition. By now, after two years of Barry, gutlessness and stupidity no longer suffice to explain the shit they've pulled. I loathe them MORE than Republicans, for the same reason you've probably heard -- at least the GOP is more or less honest about how and to whom they're going to give the shaft.

Athens is nice. But if you haven't visited Istanbul, do it. It is the center of the world.....

* Except for the Dowd bit. I could see fucking her, but otherwise, how can you stand her?

Crusader AXE

Again, it's the choice between having rice and a bowl, or no rice and no bowl. There are some good to great Democrats fighting this nonsense, and then there are the Republicans. God help us. Well, Tiffany help us, remembering that God is not all that helpful.I prefer inept to sadistic, stupid and batshit crazy. What really bugs me is that they can't even do math...yet claim fiscal responsibility and freedom. Palin world is Rand world...which actually is attractive, since Ayn Rand couldn't have spent five minutes in a room with Palin and Bachmann and the rest of that crowd.

At times, mainly past, I find Dulcinea worth the love; at other times, like the Knight of the Mournful Countenance when he saw his Dulcinea, I feel compelled to decide she's been bewitched. She needs to be put on a strict diet of no more than 1 or 2 puns per month. She was so much better with the Bushes and Clintons...

Anyway, I find the site of begging families in this country repulsive and disgusting. The Democrats will do what they can to minimize this with things that might work. The Republicans, who claim Christianity and largely advocate a fundamentalist approach to that faith, have somehow managed to forget the beatitudes and consider abject and hopeless poverty a sign of survival of the fittest and inevitable in terms of human evolution.

As Mike Cooley says, fuck that acoustic shit, I can only be a rock star for so long...

Brian M

But the problem, Axe, is the Democrats are not giving us any bowls either. Instead, they are giving our bowls to a slightly different set of corporations than the repubs. And, I'm not even sure insurance industry leeches are morally superior to oil industry goons. At least the oil industry goons are producing a useful product or something.

Crusader AXE

The problem of the incremental versus revolutionary gain. Problem with revolutionary gains is that they tend to be chimeras. Problem with things like the healthcare thing -- the gift to the insurance companies -- is that they are too damn incremental in some cases, and don't make a lot of sense objectively. Nothing about health insurance makes sense -- there's a reason that the rest of the industrial and modern world have moved on. And, I admit that they settled for a half a loaf. Better than no loaf, and might make people eventually decide to go after the whole loaf -- Single Payer -- but in the meantime, an improvement. Marcus Aurelius wrote in his Meditations something to the effect that when everything is incredibly fucked up, even a slight improvement can be a major accomplishment. On the other hand, if the problem is swamp drainage, alligator control may be less of an issue than you think, at least for someone outside of the swamp. And, of course, if you're being chomped by the alligator, long term solutions can be mainly long and no solution.

But, my argument is not that the Democrats are great. My argument is that they're better. And, I do not believe that letting the loonie, vicious, stupid and sadistic triumph is a really good solution. In fact, I think that it's exactly what evil needs to triumph. I quote Yeats a lot from the Widening Gyre -- "The best lack all direction; the worst are filled with passionate intent." Well, we need to direct ourselves toward stopping the worst while encouraging the best. I do have some hope with people like Anthony Wiener and Kristin Gillibrand and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz starting to take more and more leadership roles as we move ahead.

The best argument for not electing Republicans to anything is Clarence Thomas. He was a dumb motherfucker in college, and has remained one. However, in college he had some ethical gravitas and some integrity. Obviously, that leached away long ago. However, we'll have a couple of opportunities in the near future and the option is between more Alitoes or perhaps more Ruth Bader Ginsbergs. I know my preference.

Brian M

I don't know. The best argument for being skeptical about electing Dems is the INCREASE in drone strikes in Afghanistan.

Crusader AXE

This is just one fucked up war. Clarence has been fucking things up on the court for 20 years. The Afghans aren't ever going to love us. I still believe the best solution there is a wall around the entire fucking country and air drops at random of munitions and weapons so the bastards can all kill each other. The Russian Army tends to agree; in fact, I think I got the idea originally from one of those Russian soldier ballads. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere in my stuff.

The wars are just diversions. I'm not an isolationist, but we are so fucked here at home that I strongly believe we need to focus our energies on un-screwing THIS GOVERNMENT, THIS ECONOMY, and THIS CULTURE. Then we can help the rest of the world and actually do it. I wonder if WWII had not followed the Great Depression, if the US would have had the sense to do the Marshall Plan? Greatest success in US foreign policy and many of the Republicans then who seem to bear a striking resemblance to the current crop opposed it. Wisdom comes from hard experience.


I believe you are absolutely right abt the court, IMO the worst effect Republicans have when in office is to place thugs and moral neanderthals above us all. Obama deserves support if for no other reason. And thanks for all the music vids-- I'd do the 60's again, naivete and all, for that feeling of being on the wave and pointed right.

Crusader AXE

The music is what I think of to illustrate a point and, much as I might hate to admit it, I am just a prisoner of rock and roll and country and soul. Actually, I don't hate to admit it. I'm proud of that shit. Occasionally I find stuff that I really like that's more current, and I use that as well.

Unintended consequences. Had the Dems blocked Clarence Thomas who was definitely a "fuck you" nomination, would Dubya have been president? Probably not. Alito really looks like a long-term disaster. And yeah, we need Obama and a solid Dem majority at least until Scalia, Kennedy and Ginsberg go their own ways as well as any other liberals who might choose to, I don't know, die or quit or go clinically and demonstrably insane. Liberal is the wrong word, I guess...people who understand people and care about the country and the law and the future. Well, if the word fits...

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