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02 March 2011



I had to send the part about the Courtesy Patrol in Wurzburg to my older and younger brother, as all 3 of us spent 3 years +/- in Germany in the Green Machine, older brother 63-66, younger brother and myself from 76-80.

And at one time or another, all 3 of us served on a courtesy patrol...

Younger brother will really enjoy this, as he was stationed in Wurzburg (medic at the main clinic) for over a year. Rest of time medic in 4/64 Armor. I was an LT in 1/6 Infantry/1st AD at Illeshiem, near Nurnberg. Older brother in 24 Division, Munich and Augsberg.

Those were the days...

Lots of very good (although depressing) political and economic observations in this post... as usual.

Thanks for your take on things..

[email protected] (email me if you are not too busy.. we can compare Germany stories..)


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