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05 February 2011



De-institutionalization and de-funding of mental health systems are his lasting legacy. This changed the face of the country to one more dirty and confused. He became impaired himself but never was in want. Brutally ironic.

Crusader AXE

Reagan did cause the development of a new industry -- roadside begging. Although it has grown steadily, it does hit highs in Republican administrations. So, entrepreneurship of a type -- beggars and thieves like Madoff -- did flourish. Let a million flowers wilt...


Don't forget the renewed opportunities that have sprouted up in the sandwichboard industry. Add that to new developments in Nerf (tm) technology, and now the poor can be publicly humiliated in all kinds of festive ways.

I was extremely disappointed that the old cunt wasn't buried in the nation's capital. If he had I could easily observe a deeply gratifying annual ritual -- taking the Metro to Arlington to piss on his grave.

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