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04 December 2010


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It's really great post. I would like to appreciate your work and would like to tell to my friends.

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You write really good articles, very attractive, I feel very shocked. I hope you can continue with your work, come on!


You could even say **dazzling**, eh Ray? So bright ya gotta wear....?

Anywaya, look, I don't see how !**SARAH**! is any less qualified than, say, Eva Peron. So what's to complain about?


Goddam, Glover, you make me tremble. It could happen.

Crusader AXE

Glover, Old father -- help! Most comments are from these Outlet Store Groupies, and I'm starting to question the viability of existence...I envision some a-sexual folk on the subcontinent reading my stuff to improve their English and then getting jobs calling at dinner time to ask if I've considered buying an extended warranty on a car I wrecked 10 or so years ago...I tend to think Sarah Palin is a long shot since she's intellectually and effectively very lazy. She makes Reagan appear industrious and GWB appear to be a policy wonk. She likes being the brunette Ann Coulter, and I don't think she'll run for anything again. But, she is still frightening, because so many of our fellow citizens would jump on her bandwagon...


Cheer up, Crusader. I'm not exactly overflowing with confidence in our freedom-loving, oh-so-wise fellow "citizens", but every survey I've run across indicates that Palin's popularity drops a notch every time she opens her mouth. You'll never go broke bullshitting THE PEOPLE, but to their credit, most Americans seem to see Palin for exactly what she is, a celebrity. If you want an example of how close to power she can expect to get, consider the meteoric rise of Fred Thompson.

As for the bots, I think the old exiled Nigerian potentate scam had more pathos and mise en scene.

Crusader AXE

Just because the bandwagon will go off a cliff and crash, it'll probably crash into a busload of nuns and cripples headed off to a life-affirming event in either Lourdes or Disneyland.


Already bigger by magnitudes than Coulter. I think you're right that she won't run for office, but imagine a white, rightwing Oprah? There's a vacuum aborning there in any event. Megachurch guests, winger celebs, Nashville music. Gag a maggot, natch, but she could get way richer.

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