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14 December 2010


MAC Cosmetics

This is a great post and makes me think of where I can fit in. I do a little bit of everything mentioned here and I guess I have to find my competitive advantage.


Reading your blog is part of my ongoing effort to talk to people smarter than I am. Still waiting in a long line for the Twain thing, but meanwhile thanks for your efforts. No shit. And in re mockery of the obviously stupid, I think you're right in that Fox News has immunized the stupid from justice. Recall how easily Quayle was dealt with, and now his even more mockable son has been elected to something or other. Mockery and publicity is still the key, but how?


In fairness, Dapper Dan was elected to something before GHWB decided he needed a wooden dummy to sit on his knee...he was a Senator, I believe in fact, the junior Senator from Indiana, and was succeeded at some point by Evan Bayh. Or maybe Dick Lugar got his seat...Indiana Republicans, including a lot of Indiana Democrats, all look alike. The kid was elected in Phoenix, where he helped run a porn site and pretended to have children, using nieces and nephews...some of whom looked vaguely Hispanic...and, he wasn't the screwiest Republican candidate elected in Arizona. Hell, I'm not sure he was the screwiest candidate elected in Phoenix.

I'm not sure how to find a way to point out the absurd. As somebody said tonight, things like science are kind of take it or leave it; yet, people are perfectly willing to talk about a 6500 year old earth as envisaged by the Bishop of Belfast in the 18th century on the Internet. I'm guessing they think binary is some sort of glossolalia...It's really sad. I felt guilty when I graduated from College when one of my favorite profs said that he felt that to be an educated man, you had to not only know literature, philosophy, history and social science, you needed to know science and mathematics. His benchmark was being able to intelligently read the Scientific American. Fast forward 40 years -- we have members of Congress who can neither read nor write complex sentences passing complicated legislation that they obviously can neither read, write nor understand involving things like science, math and social sciences. Jesus wept, as does John Boehner, but that's where that resemblance ends...

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