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04 November 2010



It's playground, middle school stuff. Imagine Obama, poli-sci textbook in hand, a couple of like nerdies a step behind, and tomorrow's WalMart truck driver fronting him off yelling Fag! Suckup! Pussy! Same thing must have happened to Rove, different result. Where's a Demo Atwater? Clinton dallied with Dick Morris, to no great effect, but. I'll definitely be dead before it all goes South, being a pre-boomer and all, and I'll doubtless die cynical. Was hoping for better, and too bad I'll miss the roving gangster-anarchist phase.


C'mon.... I expect better of you Defeatists.

Look, 2009 followed eight years of Bush/Cheney/Rove/DeLay. It was better than 15 years after the antics of that scumbag Gingrich. If, after all that, Hope'n'Change **still** thought or thinks he'll come out ahead playing horseshit "bipartisan" games -- he's an asshole. Krug can prevail upon Obama all he wants. He may as well demand that gravity be repealed.

Oh, and don't forget, Obama got where he is because he was the **most** promising thing in the Dem talent pool. They don't have anything better to offer. I really liked Dean's "Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party" appeal myself -- too bad it's the "Bought and/or Gutless Pussy Wing" that's ascendant in that "organization".

Crusader AXE

Well, I don't disagree that things are better than in 2009 and that it would have been interesting to watch Bush, Cheney and friends deal with what they have wrought. I tend to agree, and thought I did in fact, that the bi-partisan thing was probably not going to happen. Making bipartisanship your overwhelming desire in getting things done has had horrible results. The only good thing to come out of this election is probably going to be the absolute failure of the Republicans to accomplish anything except to make things worse economically, culturally and metaphysically. So, Bro Glover, I can only repeat Yeats...the best lack all direction, the worst are full of passionate intent.


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