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14 July 2010


Nursing tops

oh i just hate to see guys like this! i just hate it! *sigh*


Have you seen Marcel Ophüls' A Sense of Loss? It is hard to find and rarely screened, but worth the effort. It was filmed in Northern Ireland in 1972 and the scenes from Gaza and Iraq on the Teevee could fit right in. It makes The Hurt Locker look like a tiny melodrama. When we were kids (I'm paraphrasing) a former Ford factory worker, then supporting 8 kids as the janitor at a parish, we used to nick candy or hitch a ride on the bumper of a lorry. When the cops came, would run for fear of being caught. Now the boys stand their ground and throw rocks at paras in tanks. How do you find an end to that? When Blair and Bush met in Belfast in May 2002, to discuss how to win the peace in Iraq, the irony was heavy, but the lessons are still unlearned. Same shit, different whatever.


We could go back further than that -- Battle of Algiers; the years of summer riots -- 1963 through 68 in the US -- and on and on and on. Summer's here and the time is ripe for fighting in the streets. (Variation from lyrics intentional.) There is no end...although stopping the marches through Catholic districts once and for all would probably be a helluva start. The UK has a far more restrictive understanding of free speech than we do; stop the provocation. Let the Orange Order March as much as it wants too in and around Protestant areas, or hell, every other weekend out on the Devil's Causeway. This is really soccer hooliganism under another name...

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