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28 April 2010



Well, I THINK I'm sane, and I still check it out several times a week..

I enjoy your take on politics, life, the universe, and everything else.



Marginally Lucid

A little personal odyssey, little teeth-gnashing over national priorities, lot of archaic music, sez I. Don't push too far past yer energy level. Thanks for what has been.

Vaguely Sane

Crusader AXE

No intent to end/Not sure where to begin

Just a sanity check to let me know that the insane and the robots hadn't won.


I'm indifferent on the subject of sanity and may be slightly limp-dicked due to age, though I remain far younger than you. but this is my first comment since returning from some months outside of nowhere Nicaragua. I was prepared to dislike Tedeschi the first time someone told me about her 10 or 12 years ago, but the chick can play. So can Trucks, another one with two strikes against him (privilege and the totally hot older wif) but they are a wonderful outfit. Nice to see you are still around.

Crusader AXE

If you are still far younger than I, you will always be far younger than I. Kind of inevitable, ain't it?

Some of the weird comments we get here from supposedly non-robots named after impotence drugs make less sense than the drug commercials...although I'm still trying to figure out the sexual significance of matching, seperate bath tubs? Marketeers are sooooo weird.


I still stop by to read, but the jury's still out on the insanity defense.

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