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21 April 2010



surely FOX news/talk radio nonsense plays a role in motivating and promoting much of the tea party activity we are seeing, but are potential Timothy McVeighs really created or driven by it? this guy
saw a kind of coherence in McVeigh's sick purpose that the media nonsense doesn't seem to provide. it might be that such propaganda 'creates an atmosphere,' or 'emboldens,' and to the extent that it does i suppose there is room for criticism. however a lot of the counter-tea party rhetoric about seditious incitement and whatnot, to me, borders on thought policing.

Crusader AXE

I don't think that talk radio or Fox can create much of anything; and, I suspect that McVeigh was borderline PTSD at best when he enlisted, let alone after the Gulf War. Certainly, while he made an attempt to rationalize what he was doing when he dropped out of the Special Forces Qualification Course, he was in pretty tough shape. He then retreated into himself and the voices in his head took over. Now, that happens to a lot of folks; however, the crazy voices in his head kept getting validated. Encouraged. His friends enabled him. And, kaboom...

I've heard a lot of crazy shit from the left over the years; in my youth, I said a few crazy things too. But, there were always things that blocked the absolute craziness; there were rational voices in my head. There weren't any in his head, in his life.

As for the counter-tea party stuff, well, a lot of what the tea party movement is saying is seditious. However, we don't have anti-sedition laws in the this country and haven't for decades. The problem arises when somebody starts acting on the sedition; and, blows up a building. I guess I'm calling for a robust debate with lots of fact checking. Hahahahahahah.

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