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31 March 2010



Saw to my surprise that Bill Freaking O'Reilly has agreed to pay the court costs. First time I have ever agreed with that guy.

Re: Somalia retribution... we did kill hundreds of them... ain't that enough payback?

Crusader AXE

No. Since Achilles dragged Hector's body behind his cart in a revenge sacrilege, the desecration of bodies has been out of bounds by civilized people. Does it happen? Yes. Is it ever acceptable? No. Turning Mogadishu into sand -- which seems like the inevitable anyway -- and eliminating the warlords would probably have worked out better for Somalia in the long run.


Well, killing a million people because a bunch of assholes desecrated a corpse seems a bit much. In Africa it seems that there are a dozen wannabe warlords waiting in the wings to take over every time one of them goes down.. the entire continent appears utterly fucked and maybe just staying the hell out of there would be the best idea.

Meanwhile.. Sean Hannity refered to the teabaggers (apparently with approval) as "wannabe Tim McVeighs) and the audience applauded.

The clip is on You Tube.

Crusader AXE

Let's agree to disagree on Somalia...although I think that if Adid's clan had run into something similar to the pirates attacking the frigate, there might have been a better outcome for all concerned. Anyway, as for Hannity, Fox's grinning Irish weasel, it was either a moment of prescience and awareness or an indication of just how screwed up these people are, or both. Although he supposedly was being sarcastic and this followed a lot of other such statements tied to how the government and the mainstream media are trying to paint them as a bunch of Tim McVieghs...McVeigh was less open, and less obnoxious, hence more dangerous. The tea party is lumbering beast, decked out in colors and ribbons; McVeigh and his ilk are like water moccasins, sleeping on logs...and waiting. So Hannity's comment was probably a nut encouraging other nuts but in a "aw shucks!" kind of way. I actually enjoy the scandal about his so-called charity that ties him to Ollie North. Nobody ever said Ollie North was smart.

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