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01 March 2010


Crusader AXE

Mr. Fun and Mrs. AXE, both serious Phillie Phanatics, demanded that I remind everyone of the outstanding people who have played ball for Philadelphia...Pete Rose, for example. Len Dykstra, the poor man's Bernie Madoff.

Bunning was an excellent pitcher; he's simply a lousy human being.


yeah well you just cheered for the Mets, dude. that's awful.

Crusader AXE

Bunning's fault, dude. And, as a lifelong Yankee fan with fondness for the Cubs, Cardinals and Mariners, my Bronx cheer for the Mets will soon be overtaken by events. Probably when the Mariners win the first two games of the season behind Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez. How's Pedro doing?



I have no idea what is up with Pedro. he's a welcome addition to the Phillies. . .anytime!

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Right on!! McConnell is most definitely an asshole! He's also a liar and a hypocrite who pretends to be working for those that elected him, when he's actually working for those that got him elected!

chanel Purses

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