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11 February 2010



Roscoe sounds like Badluck Shleprock.

I remember when WBCN was a kick ass radio station.


And I remember when that Peter Wolfe fronted a really hot band. And I may remember seeing them in the basement of Healy, but those days often produce false positives these days.

Crusader AXE

Well, Drip and I are contemporaries. I don't recall Jay Geils playing at a Mixer but I do remember them pushing their first album in a $1 concert in Hogan on a Tuesday night. In Fall, 1971, as I recall. Found myself over at a house party at Becker when a group of us were supposed to be finishing up papers and stuff before leaving for Christmas. One of the guys got very drunk, and when he woke up the next morning and realized that he still had the whole thing to type, he snuck into my room with that first album, intending to wake me up with a morning serenade of Serve You Right to Suffer...unfortunately, I'd been up for hours.


I'm not sure when I realized that we inhabited the same space for a few years. It's not as though you weren't leaving breadcrumbs on the trail. But: A) You are way older than I and B) your memory is more reliable than mine, it was Hogan, but maybe the spring of 71 somewhere else. Mixer. What a word, there was nothing to mix, we were all the same becoming more so. Have a decadent Carnaval.

Crusader AXE

'Mixer" could probably be replaced with "salad shooter" except you're right, we were pretty much the same. If you were around in '71, you're that much younger than I only in your dreams...unless you were a high school kid sneaking in or started the place at 12 or something. In '69 when I started, we were richly diverse...Irish-Catholics, Italian Catholics, Polish Catholics, variations thereof, less than 100 African Americans and three Jews. A rich dish of macaroni and cheese.

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