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20 February 2010



Sorry if this is being totally naive, but I was thrown off by the sentence about "international bankers, Masons, Jesuits, and munitions makers."
Because it seems international bankers, munitions makers, and (as a general stand in for the Church) Jesuits, are prime examples of exactly the people one should be suspicious of, due to their historical penchant for pulling strings.
Its also funny that an article providing the framework to discredit "paranoid style" appeared in 1964. I wonder what they were trying to assass... i mean hide.
Whoa, how did I get to the bottom of this slippery slope?!

Crusader AXE

Well, the Masons and the Jesuits were tied up with the Illuminati and the Aliens in Roswell in trying to get the water in California fluoridated...I remember Brendan Behan citing a speech he heard at an Orange political rally in the 50s, where the speaker railed against the Pope and communism and then announced a conspiracy between "the Pope in Rome and Joseph Stalin." Behan turned to his Protestant friends and said in the local dialect of the time, WTF? They told him it was silly and they knew it but the IRA was saying the same sort of shit about them in Dublin so who cares? Well, I'm as fond of satire as the next guy, so long as the next guy is Jonathan Swift, but the problem is the people who can't quite bridge the gap between satire and reporting...

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