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17 December 2009



Very good post, AXE. I really like your political insights, you bring up ideas that I just don't think of..

I visit the site just about every day.

Keep it up, you may not get a lot of comments, but you do have a small but loyal following..

US Army 75-80 (most of that in mech inf bn in Germay)


Y'know, the time to put Joementum in his place was right after the '08 election. He'd already done more than enough to rate a quick and clean beatdown. Just one more opportunity that Hope'n'Change & the Dems let slip.

Fuck 'em. Maybe I'll do a Joementum write-in, if I ever bother to vote again.

Crusader AXE

Yeah, the problem with the current crop of progressives/liberals/leftists is that they need to grow a pair. "Come, let us reason together..." is a marvelous idea if you're among like minded reasonable people. But, if you're trying to conduct a Quaker meeting in the Dew Drop Inn, surrounded by degenerates, drunks, bikers and lunatics, it helps to have a Desert Eagle .50 in plain sight...

Instead, Reid and Obama and Emmanuel bring pen-knives to gunfights. I keep wondering what Bobby Kennedy would do? Probably get pissed and start a third party...

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