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20 November 2009



You're way off, saying "Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer are total dickweeds". Maybe they were to your friend, but so what? S/he's not the clientele.

Look, a **good** whore makes the customer feel like he's the most desirable guy in the world. I'll bet Dodd and Schumer are wonderfully solicitous whenever Citibank or Goldman Sachs upper management wings into town.

Crusader AXE

Actually, I don't think I was off citing them as not the nicest guys in the world, err, total dickweeds. The idea was that they're not all that nice to normal people. I agree completely that they love and worship and come all over themselves at the thought of their true, oligarchical constituents.

But if you're trying to be the woman of the people, you gotta be nice to all the people.

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