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30 November 2009



The Senate version of the healthcare bill will be so ridiculously weak or ineffectual, that the Democrats will have fucked themselves over even if it passes. Included in the bill is the lovely Stupak amendment, individual insurance mandates, and the public option that will serve as a dumping ground for the very sick. Even worse will be the fact that the coverage pool will be so small for the public "option" as it will only apply to 5% of the population at best. This will make monthly premiums for the pathetically weak public option even MORE expensive than regular premiums under many private plans. That is until insurance companies jack up our rates simply because they can.

This bill will supposedly end the practices of recissions and preexisting conditions. However, the individual mandate component of the bill will allow insurance companies to simply charge whatever they want as you would be tied to them or face a yearly tax penalty. This probably means being locked into "junk insurance" plans with high deductibles, high copays, and high premiums. Basically, it is a big bailout for private health insurance companies. It might actually be for the best if this bill fails.

I am sorry for the ranting post. It is just that I had high hopes for the Obama and the rest of the Democrats in the face of the batshit insane Republican party. However, it looks like they are either cowering in fear from the Blue Dogs and wingnuts or gleefully aiding and abetting their idiocy. By and large, the Democrats are now the party of Republican-Lite just like they were during the Bush years. Hell, we cannot even get them to stop indefinite detention without charges.

So now the Democrats are probably fucked in 2010 if the bill passes and probably fucked if it does not. They had the perfect opportunity to fix our pathetic healthcare system but they fucked it up and somehow made it even WORSE. Then the Republican Opposition party will blame the Democrats for failing to reform healthcare even though they have been the ones that have largely stood in the way of a decent public option in the first place.


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