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10 November 2009



"Eccentricity is as American as fried squash and rhubarb pie, and is something we should tolerate. But, we generally do not tolerate eccentricity in the workplace. The Army is not only a workplace, but also a home, an extended family. If weird cousin Hasan want's to sit in living room and jack off by rubbing a Randall Fighting knife up and down his wee-wee while watching DVDs of Love Boat, it has crossed the line from eccentricity into "gee, maybe we ought to do something."

oh dear, I nearly peed. too funny.


We'll never really know what coulda been if somebody had taken the knife away and shut off Weird Cousin's Love Boat, but you can bet an "investigation" will be done, somebody will serve as the sacrificial goat, get busted down a notch with a wink and a nudge, and end up with a plum job as part of General Willie Boykin's security detail after the appropriate mourning period has passed.

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