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14 October 2009



When you read the article, you find this radical church has only 14 members, plus the pastor. They ain't representative of most southern churchgoers. We do have some centers of education and achievement, like UNC-CH, so we arent all gap toothed dummies. Idiots like this make us ashamed, but I will point out that the radical church that protests at burials of our soldiers because they claim the US Government promotes homosexuality is from the midwest. My experience in the Army, where you get a good cross section of the country, is that Midwesterners were the most racist.

We have always had the yahoos like these.

Thanks for your good work on this blog, AXE. You may not have many comments, but you have a core group of deeply twisted folks like me that follow this blog. Keep up the good work, until Tiffany smites us all...



"Mary Cheney's colleagues did have some things to add. "She has told people within the firm that she wants to do something with her father," said a source within Navigators Global. "It's going to be a firm like Kissinger Associates."

Crusader AXE

Well, shitfuck, we'd all like to do something with her father. I'd like him as an updated version of that racist groom hitching post.


What I really hate about Boner's lackey's, erm, "logic" is that it makes me feel like I have to line up with the "We shall illegalize hate!" crowd, which is one of the classic fuckwit obsessions of the leftie camp (my default team).

I guess there's always the standard fallback, "Fuck 'em all"....

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He could've easily carved it into stone as in the 10 commandments. Christians, do you find faith in this area a bit difficult? That was one of the major reasons I lost my faith - it was a very big deal for me. I know one cannot know gods will, etc, but it's too much to ask of me that I must trust men -and so many men, proven over and over to be corrupt and to act ungodly within churches- to faithfully transcribe something.

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