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23 October 2009


Herr "Ausweis, bitte"

Environmental regulations have been getting steadily WEAKER for decades. Nixon was the last environmental President. Ain't that strange.

Things are better?????? Tell me where you live so I can move there.

Totally spot on about the masses, though. Sadly.


Philly, yo.

I'm kind of fatalist about the environmental degradation thing. people bitched when the Cuyahoga River caught on fire. people bitched when the Nashua River was different colors depending on the dyes being used upstate. those things were fixed. on a global level? who knows. in this country? we have enough sensitive people bitching to keep things honest. we have enough regulations to keep things clean enough. and in my little engineering field, regulations have become worse. just look at that PA DEP BMP Manual. unreal.

Crusader AXE

If when you jump out of a plane and your parachutes fail, you have basically three choices in preparation for what is probably going to be a bad experience, most likely fatal. First of all, you can continue to tog toggles and scream at fate until you auger in. You can turn yourself into a bird, assuming skydiving form and trying to glide/float/fly while telling yourself reassuring things. Or, you can turn yourself into a cannon ball and try to get it over faster. Depending on altitude -- and if you're jumping out of a plane, you're probably going to be high enough for what seems inevitable -- you're probably still going to die. Just a question of whether you consciously lose control of your bowels and bladder prior to or after the impact.

Cannonball it is!


Very nice post!... informative... thanks for posting and keep doing good work...


Interesting post, but also disappointing. My image of you was a 55 year old man, angry at the world and those kids trespassing on your immaculate lawn! :)

You're just a kid!


in the 8th or 7th grade we were asked to imagine ourselves as 40 year olds and either draw or write something. I don't even recall what class it was.

I drew a headstone. figured I'd be dead.

what kind of question *is* that, you know?

art crown

8 year olds is right.
And you can mark that frame an 8.
Politics is a world of pain: We're talking about unchecked aggression here, dude.

George Jones

haha, when I was 8-12, I was watching Scud missile signatures over Israel on the TeeVee. And look at us now...

Those "careers" classes terrified me: I didn't know the fuck I wanted to do, yet suddenly I was supposed to have an idea? At age 14 or whatever? The tests said I should be a park ranger. lulz.

You're right though. Tree forts were where it was at.

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