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01 August 2009


blessy m singson

i like the music video....yep


My older brother retired from the Army in 1981, and as often happens, retired to the state his wife is from, Alabama. He taught JROTC for 23 years. Now retired, and he has often pointed out how the state is run by, for and of the corporations and wealthy. You cant get anything done locally, because a lot of normally local issues have to be passed as a STATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT.

WHAT A GREAT WAY TO BLOCK ANYTHING PROGRESSIVE... Which was done to a bill to make state taxiation fair a few years ago.. You see, Much of Alabama is owned by timber companies, and they have an EXTREMELY LOW TAX RATE.. Many middle class people actually pay more state tax on their salaries, etc, than the forest companies pay on thousands of acres of land... 'Course, the righties went nuts about increasing any taxes, thus cutting the throats of the poor and middle class. Again.

Also, since Birmingham city government has a "Negro" mayor, of course, Brirmingham's problems are all because of "THEM". Yes, there's no racism in Alabama!!!

Crusader AXE

Your brother is older than I am, and retired when I was still a Staff Sergeant -- and, he has caught on to something that soldiers generally miss. Most soldiers would probably deny that reality -- in Alabama, I guess it pays to be real if you're not real stupid.

As for local districts not being able to do anything unless there's a state constitutional amendment, what a reactionay's wet-dream that must be.

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