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27 June 2009



Well..... It's true that DeLong always said that the stimulus was too small. But he's spent at least as much time singing hosannas to Larry Summers, little Timmy Geithner, and ol' "Maestro" Al himself.

DeLong's interesting when he talks about economic history, but when it comes to anything more recent than, say, 1970, his chief value is as the embodiment of how utterly fucked academic economics is: His judgement is shit, but no matter how many times he's wrong, it never gets in the way of the central smugness.

DeLong not only purges (many) comments on his blog -- he sends **entire threads** down the memory hole! **There's** a devotee of "scientific" inquiry, you bet!


Oh, I almost forgot: I s'pose we oughta wait til the year's out, but I doubt that we're going to see anything better from Prez Hope'n'Change. This bullshit about "keeping the powder dry" and "saving political capital" is the exact same twaddle that the Dems used **throughout** the Bush years to evade doing anything to even **slow down** the Bush-Cheney gangster syndicate.

I expect the Dems will pull off another big score in 2010, simply because the Republican wing of the Unified Corporate Party is flat-out batshit insane. But I think there's going to be a big crashing tidal wave of disappointment and dismay very soon after that.

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