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18 February 2009


Crusader AXE

Ford will now own the performance car segment. Until they fuck that up.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

And, even more interestingly, Chrysler-Dodge-Seven Headed Dog Guarding the Gates of Hades Automotive Grope is now the poorest of the US brands for Quality. Of course, when your CEO came in second to Jack Immelt, drove Home Depot into the ground and is now trying to run a car company with zero talent at people, processes or engineering, I'm not too terribly surprised. My charger is a 2006, and still feels like a cross between a US muscle car and a German GT. Since Top Gear did a test of the Challenger at Bonneville, and it came in behind not only the hottest Corvette but also behind the hottest Caddy, I've lost interest. Next car will be either a loaded Mustang or...and this depends on what the twitbergers at GM do...a Camaro SS...or, fuck it. I'm getting a 370Z, unless I win the lottery. Which will never happen...of course, the way things are going economically, I should probably be looking at, oh, I don't know, a Kia Optima?


Given my behavior as a Credit Crackhead from Hell...I am afraid I'm going to need to give back my wonderful Subaru Sti. :( Oh well...a three year old former rental car Chevy Cobalt is better than walking everywhere.

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