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  • "I think they are all homosexual communists in Satan's army...I espect as well they all live together and bathe together every morning and have the anal sex with one another, with the fisting and the guinea pigs." - Manuel Estimulo

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  • "I can never quite tell if the defeatists are conservative satirists poking fun at the left or simply retards. Or both. Retarded satire, perhaps?" - Kyle

  • "You're an effete fucktard" - Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom

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  • "Can someone please explain to me what the point is behind that roving gang of douchebags? I’m being serious here. It’s not funny, and doesn’t really make anything that qualifies as logical argument. Paint huffers? Drunken high school chess geeks?" - rickinstl

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20 December 2008


A Squirrel

The Wallflowers are neither defeatist nor ironically un-defeatist. You stole these from a semi-hip 90's-era sorority girl mix tape!

Perhaps I should de-lurk with a more positive sentiment, but kinda goes against the zeitgeist. Enjoy the blog, though.

Crusader AXE

Not defeatist? Jakob Dylan actually has talent as a writer and a singer and he has to be Bob Dylan's son? One of their most famous numbers is a cover of a Bowie song about swimming with Dolphins and is used as a background to both dinosaur stomping of NYC and a football game? What exactly is not Defeatist about One Headlight? Oh, the Boss is a totally Defeatist Triumphalist...and Bobby Dylan is the AXE's role model in relationships, if you get by the whole kids, Jewish, divorced thing. And, what could be more irritatingly Defeatist than one headlight with a long way to go?

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