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09 October 2008



Two thoughts:

1) What the lady did at the craps table (HuffPost story) wasn't appropriate. She should have complained to the dealer and not decided it was her prerogative to manhandle a stranger. Because it wasn't.

2) The alternative to the occasional flash of anger that causes everyone to clutch their pearls? Keeping that steady (probably medicated) gaze? That frozen smile of the psychopath?

Honestly, this is weak, weak, weak.


Get off my lawn you fuckin' pinko kids!

Crusader AXE

Tony, you're absolutely right that the woman should have complained to the dealer. However, McCain's reaction to the woman is what's at question. He's the guy who wants to be president, and wherever he is and whatever he's doing, he's under examination. OK? "Excuse me ma'am. I understand...but, you know, it's hard for me to keep my hands that high because I have had multiple fractures and injuries. My name is John McCain, and I guess you've probably heard about what happened to me. I'll try." And, AXE and the HuffPo would be comparing him to St Francis, for Christ sakes. Instead, I'm thinking John Wesley Hardin.


Fair enough (yr response), but this is behavior (the lady's, that is) that I've been on the receiving end of increasingly since 2002 or thereabouts, usually at concerts, where people really need to be a little more used to the idea that they're going to be in close proximity to other human bodies, and those bodies might be in places that aren't terribly convenient for you.

Maybe I look as old as McCain, and I should just get used to this, and any day now boy scouts will be helping me across the street, but I'm a baby-faced 45.

When I first encountered it - shortly after 9/11 - I chalked it up to our medicated nation. I'm not talking about a tap on the shoulder or a momentary interruption when I'd rather be listening to whoever I paid to see on stage. I'm talking people who are apparently thinking - "I'm going to, out of the blue, grab your arm (or grab your sleeve or both your hips - swear to G-d I found hands on my hips giving me an unsolicited adjustment once) and put them where I want them - right *there*."

And I'm not too precious for mosh pits, either. And we're talking centimeters of difference. It's unnerving because it's so beyond what I think of as sane, civilized behavior, and it means I'm now in close proximity to what may be a nutcase. And - guilty as charged - it usually makes me as angry as it seems to have made McCain, and I'm no POW.

My only previous experience prior to 2002 with this type of behavior was from certified psychos who were medded to the gills and had apparently lost certain social inhibitions (not explained by, say, drink). Which is why it scares me. And if the person isn't pharmaceutically incapacitated, then it's just enormously disrespectful - Hey! I'm not your furniture! - which is why it angers me.

I'm not voting for McCain even with a gun to my head, but this tale is just HuffPost drama queen stupidity. YMMV. Thanks for letting me vent.

Crusader AXE

Yeah, in a lot of ways I agree. I dislike being touched and have to deal with my reflex to blow up at times. And, at times, I don't. Which is one of the many reasons I won't run for office for anything and wouldn't serve if elected. I don't do well kissing babies and patting heads and I'm lousy with names. However, McCain's imitation of Travis Bickle can give us all pause...although the Mohawk would be cool...

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