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19 October 2008


tafka pb

That post was one of my favorites. I got so much hate mail for it.

There were a couple of follow ups about poor Ms. Duty and her Johnny Reb frock. No one would ever tell me what "Southern Pride" was, or why it should extend to native Kentuckians, or why there was -- as far as I know -- no Northeastern pride, no Pacific Northwestern pride, etc.

I just changed my blog's template, and there's some weird algorithm that determines the "popular posts" based on page views, comments, links to, etc. I guess I was surprised to see that old post raised from the dumpster. Glad you enjoyed it.



Hey, this one hit me really close to home. An old army buddy of mine who had been a close (but long-distance) friend for almost 30 years sent me a picture of the "rebel prom girl" with the comment "This fucking rocks!" It hit me at a time that I was really feeling sick to freaking death over neocon bullshit and redneck moronity, so I replied "What's next? A prom dress made out of an (admittedly nonexistent) Al-Queda flag? That flag represents the only thing that actually ever came close to destroying the United States." Thus endeth a long friendship. I had been best-man at this guy's wedding...he is an extremely intelligent person with a master's degree, but he identifies so strongly with the long-dead rebellion that it is more real to him than a friendship that began when he was 18. He's from Mississippi and I guess that's what they're like down there.

Crusader AXE

We all have our blindspots, I guess. But I tend to agree with you more than feel sorry for your former friend. And, having three of the useless things, I dispute wholeheartedly that having a masters proves you are an intelligent person. It indicates that you had money to waste and the ability to be bored but not to the extent that you could have stayed for the full meal, PhD thing.

You know, what if a black girl went to the Prom in the same dress? I'm an irrationally Irish-American type still ticked off about No Irish Need Apply policies-- should I bury my Jewish-German-American spouse in a gown like the Irish Tricolor? Taking a symbol and turning it into a dress degrades the symbol. If it's suitable for a dress, the symbol becomes less real.

So, in retrospect, maybe we should encourage all the rednecks in the world to wear CSA battleflag underwear, bras, panties and public. Outside their street clothes...

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