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26 July 2008



Clean conscious? Vote to continue the occupation and expand the phony-ass GWOT - that's what you call a "clean conscious." Fuck, just vote for McCain and get it over with. Don't even try to pretend a vote for Hillbama is anything but lesser-evil capitulation.

Crusader AXE

You know, that's why I find idealists annoying. There's no difference between Obama and McCain? Hardly true. Batshit's approach to doing business will be more of the same. Obama is not particularly rich and does not have the royalty supporting him that McCain has. I think Obama has probably taken mass transit in his life and I believe he went to public schools. I don't particularly care for him, but there's enough there to make voting for him something I can do with a clear conscience.

Also, I'd like to have the troops home last week. However, it's not a doable deal; not so much for the Iraqis who have rediscovered the sheer fun of suicide bombings, but for us. There are few things more potentially catastrophic than a precipitous withdrawal from the field. There are some serious logistical facts that get in the way of getting out much sooner than January 2010. Of course, My-lackey may have other ideas.


You know, this is why I find cowardly democrats annoying. Too gutless to take a stand, but, oh Obama took a bus once! That makes all the fucking difference to the guy that just got HIS FUCKING ARMS BLOWN OFF IN FUCKING KANDAHAR!

Fuck your willful ignorance, democwat. You want to keep the fucking Afghan bloodbath going? You want to keep the occupation going? You want to keep shooting up weddings and bombing children in their fucking beds? Fine. Stop bitching and just fucking vote for Obama.

After all, he took a bus once.

Crusader AXE

Unlike some of my brothers here at Defeatist Central and our allies, I've never been a big fan of the Old Testament, Covenanters, Anabaptists and Millenniumists, so to speak. I'm just not that big a fan of purity, outside of food and water and related things. Karl Jaspers wrote about the concept of facticity -- which, in the 35 years or so since I last read Reason and Existenz -- seems to revolve a bit around our disagreement. Alan has a desire for pure solutions, and in the absence of purity, wants nothing. I think we're grounded in facticity, the objective reality we rebel against. I try to emulate Sinnead O'Connor, wanting not what I cannot have. And, quite frankly, I don't like Nader or Barr enough to want them as an alternative. So, I'm stuck. And, as a political person in a political society, I chose to vote and accept that I may be voting for the lesser of two evils, which logically is the greater good.


Which logically is fucking bullshit. Just admit you're just another gutless coward who wants rain without thunder. Sure you've sold out whatever integrity you might have once possessed, and that makes you shriek "PURIST" at anyone with an ounce of sand or backbone, but don't think for a minute you can fool anyone with your tiny fisted tantrums. Just admit you're a spineless partisan turdball. You'll be glad you did.

Crusader AXE

No, I won't. Fuck you. That's the level of discourse you seem to be most comfortable with.

First of all, in case you hadn't noticed, I have policy disagreements with Obama, not existential ones. I really want him to go after McCain as viciously as McCain has gone after him. I also accept that in this best of all possible worlds, the absolutely right solution is probably not achievable. Does the Bush administration work for you philosophically? Either because you accept them as right, good, just and all that or because you're comfortable bitching about their ontological wrongness and don't want to bitch about policy stuff? Fine, vote for McCain. Or, don't vote. Or, vote for Barr or Nader or the Flying Spaghetti monster. You're the one making that call. If you're as opposed to them as you seem, than vote for some level of change. Not perfection, just movement back toward something less bad. Less bad equals better than where we are.

While there appear to be only three people reading this -- Alan, me and one of my brothers -- I think it's a fundamental argument among the disgruntled over the course of both history and philosophy. When the arguments stop happening, we're probably dead.


dude, we're the Defeatists. on the internet. and you're yelling.


(we're all gutless cowards. gawlee, how do you think I got this far in life?)


What a wonderfully honest answer, Mr. Fun!


It's so funny when people shout on the internets.

Listen to meeeee! What I have to say is important!!!

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