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27 April 2008


uncle buck

What can one add, but, good luck with that young man.
He's lucky to have you on his side.
Thanks for the vid, too.
Good stuff.


I'm a little older than the crop of vets returning from Iraq, but I've got several close friends who are Desert Storm vets. They saw much less action, but what they did has definitely affected them for the worse. Like this guy, they have a hard time holding jobs. In addition to that they can't stand to be by themselves and tend to have a hard time making decisions. Having a few ex-con friends, the similarities are disturbing- they seem to show the same signs of institutionalization. I do what I can, as a friend, but these guys need help from other vets who have been there. The V.A. doesn't provide anything substantial in the way of help.

Crusader AXE

The VA is a bureaucracy largely populated by weasels with a few Hobbits running around. The VA is required by its Federal Charter and statute to have a very high percentage of disabled Vets and Vets in general working there. However, they haven't met that requirement in decades.

Now, the shrink working with my nutcase and some of the others in this area and those actually working with patients are pretty dedicated. But, when you're dealing with the bureaucracy, you're screwed.

The hardest thing for any of these guys and gals is to let go. It's over, remember as you must, visit it when you need to but don't live in the past. Unfortunately, for a lot of them, it's never over. There was something you did or didn't do that caused dire results, you think, and therefore you let down your buddies. All of us let down our buddies...and, all of us went several miles beyond reason for our buddies. But, the guilt overrides everything else. That's the nice thing about guilt. It trumps all other feelings...

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