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27 April 2008



I'm glad that someone else's outrage meter is as off the charts as mine. It is actually REALLY important to emphasize how interconnected all these things are right now. Our invasion of Iraq has driven the price of a barrel of oil to 5 or 6 times what it was before causing a fossil fuel crisis - now even bottled water (which is tap water most of the time anyway) costs too much to transport because of oil.
Our feet-dragging and failure to really acknowledge global climate change let a drought in Australia reduce rice production by 98 fucking per cent - and who is the biggest importer of Aussie-cultivated rice? Why, Haiti, naturally.
The weak dollar is a HUGE issue when the US donates a paltry 300 million to ease our guilt about helping create a food crisis - 300 million doesn't buy as much food as it used to. But at least its still useful to subsidize farmers to yield unedible shit for high fatass corn syrup and ethanol so all 7 of Iowa's flex fuel trucks can have 5% better mileage.
And our "free" trade agreements that allow us to flood other markets and drown out local producers is making everybody pay.
I only recently began reading Milton Friedman's sacred texts and am absolutely appalled that such baseless conjecture and propaganda actually made it into policy!!
The "free" market its speculators has NO right to prioritize profits over the socialized risks in areas like food and healthcare where people's lives are quite literally at stake.

Bruce F

Nice balance of info and sarcasm.

You might like what De Clarke and Stan Goff put together at Feral Scholar, "The Politics of Food is Politics".

As far as what's the matter with people, to paraphrase Billmon, one place to look for an answer is in the work of the Marquis de Sade and Pierre Janet.

If you want to know a little more, here's a paper that uses Janet's ideas as a starting point.

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