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26 April 2008


uncle buck

AXE: Still catching up on my reading....
What's with all the "Hobbit" references lately?
I'll cop to being slow to the jargon. (It took Wolcott's post in the June VF to esplain what a "concern troll" was. I thought it was, well, nevermind.)
It would take too long to detail, however, just as I came to believe in '04 that the Bush Twins deserved a second chance, I'm coming to favor St. John of the McStain over the two Dems standing.
As your own Mr.Fun stated (I think it was he) there are already three wheels left on the car....
In all straightness, my own personal 2cents is: This country is like a middle-aged junkie; there's still some hope - and years - left, but it has to hit bottom before the Recovery can begin.
Great posting in the last few weeks!

Crusader Axe of the Lost Causes

When we started this, they were just releasing The Return of the King. Throughout the trilogy, I found the Hobbits incredibly irritating. The homoeroticism of so much of it wasn't the problem so much as the girly aspect of it as well as the total waste of air they generally represented. Frankly, I would have enjoyed the movie if in the first part, the Orcs ate the Hobbits, Legolas got the ring and they went off and did what they had to do, as opposed to depending on these bucolic, small minded twits with big feet. All the Hobbits did, the sole accomplishment of the bunch, was to scurry around busily and get in the way. Screw 'em. So, when I refer to Hobbits, I'm talking about ineffectual folk who scurry around doing things that accomplish nothing and get in the way of people who can actually do some goddamn thing.

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