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16 March 2008


tom truthful

Like the hopeful idiot that I am, I actually fired off a short missive to the NYTimes Editor Supreme of Letters, explainining to them how "our guy" could enhance his legacy by leading Western nations in a boycott of the Beijing games.
Should have checked here first (Msr. IOZ had not posted the link however.)
Sadly, despite the ongoing repression in Tibet, NOTHING WILL BE ALLOWED....
Thanks for the YouTube footage.
"Tianamen 2.0" sounds about right.


I don't know, Christopher Hitchens told me the Dalai Lama was a reactionary oppressor of the people.


Acupuncture is total bunk. At least as silly as the Dalai Lama.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Acupuncture makes me feel better. I have arthritis, disk issues, and a variety of problems resulting largely from spending most of my adult life protecting your right to consider it bunk. Most things are. However, this works for me, along with some aspects of chiropractic and most of western medicine. I think the need for a pill and an expensive test to treat things that might be treated successfully other ways is a choice. So, in an effort to be more tolerant of ignorant opinions, fuck you.


Oh, really. Yeah, America has long been threatened by the nefarious forces of totalitarian acupuncturists. Many poor souls around the world must remain silent on the subject of acupuncture for fear of persecution or death. Thank the lord there are selfless, brave men like you to preserve my right to medical opinions. What a perverse bastardization of the old "troops protect your freedom of speech, so shut up" meme.

It may not be nice to criticize something you appear to benefit from, but it is not ignorant:

"ScienceDaily (May 4, 2005) — Migraine patients who received true acupuncture had no decrease in headaches as compared with those who received sham acupuncture treatment, according to a study in the May 4 issue of JAMA."

"Sham acupuncture" is poking people entirely at random. On the other hand, both the "real" and sham acupuncture worked better than nothing at all. So I guess you should keep up the treatments, but you might as well get your paperboy to administer them.

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