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16 March 2008


tom truthful

Mrs. Raitsh has a university degree?!
From Michigan no less?!
Lord help us.
(Note: the British news piece seemed sooooo long after our steady diet of 2 minute segments.)

Crusader AXE

Yeah, BBC pieces sometimes seem like mini-series. Speaking of that, what the hell happened to Countdown? We're not getting enough bs stuff on Lindsay and the rest...


Where did you get the piece about their trip to the creation museum? I went to their disappointing site and found very little there. I like their focus, but I could do a better Christian Retard at the drop of a hat... and heaven help them if I got into the Jaegermeister.

Crusader AXE

Well, I found the beast because IOZ is a columnist for them. I'm not that impressed overall, but it does have it's moments. And, a couple of Gonzo snarkists doing the Raul Duke thing is attractive to me existentially.


Thanks. They really need to amp up the retard portrayal to make it work. A quick review can be easily had by observing Timmy on South Park, Just the basics, but a good place to start.

As callow highschoolers, my friend Doug and I used to do the "retard and keeper" (man, that sounds awful now) shtick just to see how people would react to an encounter with the "special". Results were unpredictable but high-larious. If only we'd had the wit to work in the Christian angle we'd be in Hollywood or the ground by now.

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