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26 March 2008



This is pretty cool. Given that its only 2 inches, it's hard to extrapolate that into some early human settler of Europe. This article was originally published in 'Nature' - probably the most prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal in the world (or at worst, the 3rd most prestigious) and it seems like they wanted to make sure they got the dating done right - 3 different methods.
But we need to put it in perspective - an old bone was found in Spain and it resembles a primate jaw. But there are a lot of missing pieces still.

For all we know, this is the jaw of an early chimpanzee from Africa over million years ago who got in a fight with a dragon that ripped out its jaw, carrying the jaw as it flew with its giant dragon wings from Africa to its retirement home in Spain with all the other old dragons and their 401k's. Now the retired dragon hasn't been found, but then again, neither has the rest of this so-called "earlier example of" Homo antecessor and the epic migration story of species after species quickly emerging and becoming extinct on the journey from Africa to Europe.
A bone was found, a really cool, really old bone, but that doesn't mean we can assign whatever dragon fantasy story we have to it and call that part science too.

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