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22 February 2008



The one and only reason why I could kinda sorta enjoy an HRC presidency is that I can imagine her pursuing a serious vendetta against Republican apparatchiks. I can think of no group more deserving of lifetimes of legal harassment.

Crusader AXE

Oh, there would be blood.


Would there be? Or would another species of pig simply show up at the trough? States run by a Democratic Party machine are not exactly know for clean politics. Maybe it wouldn't be as blatant, but what incentive other than revenge would they have to crack down?

sglover: I nonetheless would kinda agree with you. Far better a vendetta than a peace and love and understanding. Especially if said vendetta shuts down the government and makes impossible various nasty policies and programs (and wars)

Crusader AXE

This is where the Democrats need a Kennedy. Not a kinder, gentler, Kennedy simulacus or a child or grandchild but Bobby Kennedy. Existentially wrought, guilt-ridden and willing to do whatever is necessary to do what is right and works out best for the family. I expect we'll have a really nice bunch of people who just want to cooperate and get along and have consensus and so on. So, we'll raise taxes on the poor -- the Huckleberry solution -- while invading Costa Rica. And, we'll send the Miami Sound Machine and the Dodgers to Havanna to start cultural exchanges.

Bobby would have Karl Rove in jail. Probably Gonzales, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld too. The gal who hired her fellow underqualifed religious nut lawyers would just be disbarred. Tom DeLay would be in Brazil fighting extradition. Twitshit would be hanging at the ranch waiting for the shoe to drop; Bobby would never drop the shoe. He'd toy with him -- send him on presidential missions with Bill and Jimmy Carter to Terra del Fuego and Sverdlosk...

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