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10 February 2008



Hey, aren't you forgetting about Wilson, Lincoln and FDR in the civil-liberty violation competition? Adams' Sedition Act was an impressive one too. Also, Warren Harding was one of the greatest Presidents we ever had, along with van Buren, Garfield and Coolidge. Harding inherited a recession more severe than the Great Depression and had it licked within a year. He promised a "return to normalcy", and kept his word which is why hardly anyone remembers him rather than the warmongers in chief historians worship.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

I said "worst" not only. Jefferson, of cours, led the reaction to the Alien and Sedition Acts. Which were about John Adams' vanity as much as anything. Harding one of our greatest presidents? Humor, sarcasm or crack? His return to normalcy was a return to being an ostrich, combined with massive corruption on a scale not seen before and not since, until early 2003.

Given the government's approach to fiscal and monetary policy in the early 20s and Harding's really exciting approach to governance in general, I don't know if we can credit them with starting a recession. I know damn well we can't credit them with stopping it. In order to stop something, you have to do something...I suspect they watched it stop, for a while.


Ostrich is an improvement over Wilson. If by "doing nothing" you mean stop doing the idiotic things the government had been doing, then yeah he did nothing. He did pardon Eugene Debs for protesting the (previous) war though.

Sure, his administration was corrupt. I'll take a corrupt do-nothing over an unimpeachable warmonger. The way I figure it the Teapot Dome was already stolen as soon as it was in the feds' hands, the people that bought it are just accomplices to the theft.

Someone else sticks up for Harding here, but unfortunately it's someone I have at most negative respect for. If an idiot says the sky is blue it doesn't make it green though.

Crusader AXE

Interesting approach. Of course, when the choice is between Twitshit de al Dweeb and ineffectual, stupid corruption, there really isn't a lot to choose from. Harding's best point remains that he died. Now, Cal Coolidge was at least a principled do nothing whom I suspect really didn't want the job.

Which is why I think our next President should be Madonna.

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