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01 January 2008



Yeah...the whole world is full of disturbed and twisted motherfuckers that I find it difficult to believe I am connected to by species. The power of early religious brainwashing is indeed incredible. Gay Muslims (didn't they used to be Moslems?) are even more confused than gay Christians.

The Africa thing never ceases to amaze, but religion can't take the sole hit for that bad crazyness. Seems like any major dispute there ends with something like burning down a church full of people or taking the machetes to an entire village.

Not that we're really much better.. we just keep our mass slaughter high-tech and confined to foreign countries. Our domestic slaughter for the last hundred years has pretty much been individual (that's what we like) and freelance, rather than group motivated.

One thing that seems clear... most people like to fuck more than they like to kill so there is never any shortage of people for the massacres. What this all means I have no idea, but despite all the wars, genocides, famines and horrors of the 20th and now 21st centuries, there are still more people on earth than ever before. Why the hell do they want to come here? Doesn't anyone show them the news?


and just for the record... I could be dead drunk in the dark of night and I would never mistake that guy for a woman. Ai carumba!


Jeebus, I remember prowling Frankfurt in the last year of the the 20th century and I could never imagine that city, with it's heroin addicts massed like vampires over a kill on every corner cooking up, hookers, and hookas, being so intolerant. Doesn't sound like the Germany I left.

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