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21 January 2008


carlos ramos

Hey Mr Defeatist, your quote here is sophomoric but I will include it so to help create context between Mr Reagans Alzheimers disease and yours.

""Has anyone noticed that Reagan was diagnosed in 1994 with Alzheimer's disease? He slept through most of his presidency.""

It seems you managed to buy the revisionists copy of American History? The Iron Curtain came down in 1981!!

While I am at it, Kennedy, no both Kennedy's ...ah; this is easier; Clinton slept through his presidency too asshole, except he slept with interns -- not with his wife.
You seem to forget precedents set through the oratory of Ronald Reagan via conservative radio in the late 1970's well before he became President. Talk about wanting to rewrite history, I just about shot the "most distrusted newsman walter kronkite" myself as I over-heard him (yes, I was mugging the cameras and talking with photojournalists after Tet 68) emphasize that US forces were surprised and took heavy losses during Tet 68 -- The media today? The big lie started sooner but informing the public has been going downhill as far as I am concerned beginning with Cronkites huge lie. The fact I had no more ammo is cause for his flying away unharmed.

As for as Liberal or Conservative ideas working better or worse, I voted for Clinton both times -- Obama doesnt understnd what "change" means, CHANGE refers to going back to the Constitution and its language - not liberal excessive domestic bullshit! Ive watched you Demolibs fail and lie as much and more (Wanna discuss Hillary Clinton and malfeasance big mouth?) as you claim Republicans Administrations fuck things up. I see things the other way, I abandoned the Tax and Spend and Drown my Secretary Party for some sanity!! War however- whether declared or not - is not sane. Everyone - yourself included - becomes an armchair general as easily as you are a hind sight armchair president. Moreover, Liberals are first to avoid the draft and do their worst to put end to a draft altogether - cowardly! Me? I was back in uniform by September 12, 2001 and I still am serving.
If Liberals had any brains, they would cease their denial of their extreme failures and of looking the other way, and become a part of our Constitutional Republic! USA is not a Socialist nor Communist country asshole - Thats what separates us from the rest of the globe.

Enough having been said, its important to nail down that a simple thing such as the slogan "Go Global" exposes further just how out of touch with reality libs are. Global? for what reason? To catch malaria in Sudan after we has previously annihilated the microbe carrying mosquitoes that carry the disease by using DDT ( which is to man and any plant and mammal harmless) in the 1950's??? Thats your liberal logic for you.

I agree with you on one thing Obama maybe someday but definetly not now AND, a woman president someday is also fine, but not that woman and definitely not now. She is the epitome of Democrats Disease.

Crusader AXE

Well, we disagree. Traditional liberalism has its problems; we haven't seen traditional conservatism a la Barry Goldwater in a long time. What we have seen is Fascism, where the state and the plutocrats work together to the disadvantage of the rest. I admit, the Alzheimer's crack was a cheap shot. Of course,I'm not running for president of the debate club. I appreciate your willingness to read and while I find your response typical of a YAF set of talking points in 1985, that's just because I'm me. Disagreement is part of dialog. Which the Hobbits are making me misspell.

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