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29 December 2007


Steve Hudson

God help me, but I love this website. Although it's sometimes inarticulate (when you get all "het up," I think. I do it, too.)it's always passionate and frequently well written. Of course I say this because I usually agree with what you're raving about. Keep ranging wide. I came upon your site while searching for "La Marseillaise," a song which I've always loved even though I'm not French, but Irish. Go figure. I cried during all six versions.

Crusader AXE

Madness is infectious. Our Irish-Polish-Hispanic-Wasp-Indian-HeavyMetal-Jimmuy Rodgers-on-crack approach is a sign of end times.

As for the Marseillaise, it's a great anthem. Unlike our kind of wussy, hanging on by our fingertips against the bullies impossible to sing thing, it's a kick-ass, go kill the bastards sort of anthem. The real justification for nation states is to go kick ass and kill the bastards. Nothing rational about that. Ever notice how God Save the Queen could work for any hereditary monarch. (God save our noble queen, Krishna, Krishna, Hare Krishna?) Oh Canada sounds like a cross between a John Wesley hymn and Canadian Sunset...Now, Scotland the Brave is perfect. You really can't sing along to Scots Pipes. Just "Abru!Abru!" or whatever the hell they are chanting in Brave Heart and go kill the bastards.

What I seriously like about this rendition is the sense of redemption. Not only do they get some of their own back (an important thing to us Micks) but there's an element of rebirth. It's a shame Viktor is such a priggish wuss. I can't see anyone this side of Hillary Clinton (or Peggy Noonan, her dark side) blowing off Bogart for that twit. When the high point of a guy's life is making a band request in a bar and pretending to be the conductor, you have to wonder. Forget Boggie...even Claude Raines would make a better match for Bergman. But, that's the power of the nation state and the anthem...

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