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08 December 2007



Have y'all watched the Mormon cartoon? Sounds like the plot of a bad sci-fi flick.


the Dem's use those who understand Jesus' message, well maybe including some Gnostic texts, that missing Gospel or whatever; while the Repube's use those who completely mis-read Jesus' message and threw out all that dirty 'hippie' shit from the Bible.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who stand up and face the music,and those who run for cover. Cover's better.

Crusader AXE

Take a look at some point at Jefferson's Bible. He cut out all the miracles, mangers, wise men, plagues, Chariots of Fire, burning bushes and all the rest. Pretty impressive work -- he literally cut the stuff out with a razor. Problem is, it's not the bible. Just the teachings of portrayed by the King James Version, minus the bullshit.

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