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09 December 2007



I found Crispin back in 04, I believe in my libertarian coming of age. I think via Radley Balko at The Agitator via Will Wilkinson. it was 04, then. I was arguing in Radley's old comments section. this was the link, I think.

the next thing you know, I was even further procrastinating my Master's thesis and declaring myself a card carrying nihilist. then I got a job.

it's been a downward spiral since then.

Chuck Fucking Norris? are you kidding me?


Since we're getting all nostalgic here...I discovered Crispin's stuff through El Serracho in summer 2005, quit Agitprop that fall, embarked on a journey towards anarcho-libertarianism, joined the Defeatists...and the rest is history.

The new and improved Creators is a hoot. Does Michelle Malkin realize her columns are available en español?

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