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28 October 2007



Como, Mississippi was actually named for the lake in Italy. Como actually has some of the richest people in the state that live there. The town is not totally black, but the majority of white kids attend local private schools because of the North Panola School District and the low performance of the district for decades now. As far as Mississippi goes, the state legislature is mostly democrat and has been forever. The democrat state senator for Panola County was just re-elected despite having done nothing for the county in years. The problems in this district are many. There are problems in the community and the district's administration that have existed for decades. Believe it or not, South Panola School District does not have any of the problems as North Panola.

As someone who has worked at North Panola for a few years now, I've seen the problems first hand. These problems were here long before NCLB and will remain until some sort of all encompassing community plan with strong leadership is implemented. Even then it will most likely take years.

Crusader AXE

Thanks, and you are absolutely right about the problems predating NCLB. The issue that Sensei Sartwell and some of the rest of us have with the stupid thing is that it focused on basically one thing -- test scores -- to the exclusion of everything else. And, without a national standard, what the hell does any standard mean? It's ok for kids in Como to be less well educated than kids in Rochester, Minnesota? It may be a reality, but saying that they both meet their goals in tests is really silly.

Surprised, given the governor, congressional delegation and senate members that the majority of the Mississippi Legislature are Democrats, by the way --

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