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21 October 2007


Crusader AXE

Unfortunately, I think the Rockies win...being so close to heaven will make it hard for the BoSox or Cleveland. The knuckleball doesn't work in that atmosphere; Manny will have trouble breathing and Ortiz will have trouble walking in the light air. Although, Manny has probably been Mile High more than once...


go Sox.

I stopped watching traditional Americun sports awhile back, until 04 when the Red Sox did what the Red Sox did. I actually couldn't watch them win the final game because I knew if I did they'd lose and go on to blow the Series. I keep an eye on them now but when I watch on TV they usually lose. it's been going this way since the 4th grade, growing up in southern NH - if I watch, they're doomed.

Philly fans are most Roman - they'll throw you to the lions as soon as you fuck up. "team manager helps bring you back to the top in 2 years, but they lose first round of the playoffs? fuck him, he sucks."

and you're right...we made it to several Phillies games this year and the simplicity of it, and the fact that it's relaxing to watch, yet suspenseful with each me interested in baseball again. I still can't stand football. fuck, I can't stand the Eagles.


Damn that's taking longer and longer to find out someone's posted about you. I'll e-mail and explain.

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