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16 September 2007



What choice do we have? The Decider Class has completely offshored almost all manufacturing. It isn't coming back. I'm not sure it could come back. Unless we want to choke ourselves with the pollution and the devastation being experienced by the Chinese in their drive to become the unregulated, rip roaring factory of the world.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Ah, you see, that's the defeatist ethos to the T...what the hell can we do? Well, we can stop buying cheap shit...the Chinese make some marvelous stuff as well as cheap shit. The "Every Day Low Prices" thing is nonsense. We get what we pay for...We're also not talking about heavy industry here --we're talking about doll houses and pig ears, building blocks and Friskies. The fact is fairly simple; if we are to survive as an economic force, we need to drop this globalization crap and start doing some things for ourselves. You compete on quality, speed and price -- we need to focus on quality and speed. Of course, we won't. I always thought HL Mencken was too cynical about the American people, but am coming around to his view of the booboisie...


Well...the Europeans seem to (overall) have the quality wrapped up (or at least the snob appeal). What the Europeans don't own in quality, the Japanese do. The chinese are pretty fast, and they have the modern factories.

The Americans tried to muddle on through with mediocre quality, lack of design panache, but at lower prices than the Euros. The Koreans and increasingly the Chinese cover that now.


My "solution" is devolution. An America devolved greatly down into city states or regions or even the original concept of "States" would be less able to run its economy on warmaking and interference and would be forced to compete. I'm thinking Renaisance Italy? Of course, that was a nasty period for many people, but what an era for art and invention and economic innovation? The United States, if the Federal Government was laregly devolved, might rediscover its innovation? Of course, some of the ministates would be nasty places (the Republic of Mississippi, anyone, but...)

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